Daily Archive: November 28, 2020

James Brown in concert - 1966

James Brown – Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1966 – Past Daily Holiday Backstage Pass

I ran a portion of this concert (the last half only) a few years ago. But I realized, the only way you could really appreciate this concert, and in fact the true magnitude of the talent of James Brown, was to listen to the entire concert; at almost three hours....

Thanksgiving 1970

It’s Thanksgiving 1970 – You Don’t Live In L.A. Anymore – It’s your First Holiday Away From Home – You May Never Go Back.

KYA-AM – Bwana Johnny – November 26, 1970 (Thanksgiving Day) – Rob Frankel Collection – You graduated high school and went away to college – it’s your first time having a holiday away from home. Thanksgiving was never very high on your list of memorable moments growing up anyway. Your...

Booth Tarkington

Dale Carnegie Talks About Booth Tarkington – 1945 – Past Daily Holiday Gallimaufry

Dale Carnegie – Discusses Booth Tarkington – February 14, 1945 – Mutual – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Booth Tarkington – a name that most likely rings no bells of recognition, outside of those studying 19th century/early 20th century American authors, discussed in a radio program narrated by the man...