Daily Archive: December 3, 2020

The Walker Brothers Scott Walker 0

The Walker Brothers – 1964 Demos – Past Daily Soundbooth

1. Sweets For My Sweet – 1964 2. Zing, Went The Strings Of My Heart – 1964 Something unusual for The Soundbooth tonight. Demo sessions recorded in Los Angeles in 1964 by the soon-to-become Walker Bros. One of those demo tracks did make it release (I Only Came To Dance...

The London Underground 0

Shelter In the Underground – Life In Wartime London – 1944 – Past Daily Reference Room

Frank Alban Reports from London to KFI – November-December 1944 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – If you could, it would be fantastic:Become a Patron! With our current state of affairs over COVID and the stay-at-home/lockdown aspects of living life in the midst of pandemic, I ran across this series...

Berlin - 1943 1

December 3, 1943 – Orchestrated Hell – Raid Over Berlin

  In what has been considered one of the milestones in broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow reported his eyewitness account of a bombing raid over Berlin, this day in 1943. Taking part in what had become a nightly bombing run over Germany, Murrow was aboard a Lancaster Bomber, one of...