Daily Archive: December 4, 2020

The Screaming Ababs aka The Tea Set, The Sigma 6, The Pink Floyd Blues Sound

The Screaming Abdabs/The Tea Set/The Pink Floyd Blues Sound – 1965 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Unless you already knew, Pink Floyd went under several names before they settled on the one that would lead to fame and fortune. One of those names was The Abdabs, or The Screaming Abdabs. Others were The Tea Set, Sigma 6, Jokers Wild and The Pink Floyd Blues Band. Here...

Adlai Stevenson - 1956 Campaign

1956 – Adlai Stevenson On The Imperative Of Education – Past Daily Reference Room

Adlai Stevenson – Campaign address from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – September 28, 1956 – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Hate to be pushy, but . . .Become a Patron! As we’ve finished the Presidential Election of 2020, amid optimism, questions, confusion and unprecedented behavior, running across this campaign...

Paris Riots - 1947

December 4, 1947 – For Paris: Another Day, Another Round Of Billy Clubs – For The Middle East: Another Unholy Day In The Holy Land.

  Another day of drama and upheaval, this December 4th in 1947. Still reeling from the UN partition plan of Palestine, riots were continuing in Jerusalem and all throughout the region. Riots were erupting again in Paris, with Communists taking to the streets. And Paris was again the sight of...