Daily Archive: December 30, 2020

Amy Winehouse 0

Amy Winehouse – Live At Hove Festival, 2007 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Amy Winhouse in concert tonight. Recorded live at The Hove Festival in Norway from 2007. Amy Winehouse had an astonishingly short career, having arrived and peaked within a period of less than five years, with the remaining years mired in drama and tragedy; ending in death in 2011 at 27...

Rafael Kubelik 3

Rafael Kubelik And The Cleveland Orchestra Play Music Of Haydn And Bruckner – 1980 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Part 1: Part 2: A classic concert this week. From one of the many guest appearances he made over the decades, a 1980 appearance by the legendary Rafael Kubelik with The Cleveland orchestra, recorded on March 27, 1980 and featuring only two works; the Symphony Number 99 by Haydn and...


New York – 1960 – December 30, 1960 – Past Daily Thousand Yard Stare Edition

Since it is the end of the year . . .Become a Patron! Sometimes crazy years happen locally. In this case, it was New York going through the roller-coaster called 1960. Presented by WCBS in New York, this year-end wrap-up highlights much of the goings on in the Big Apple...