Daily Archive: January 2, 2021


Little Feat In Concert – The Santa Monica Civic – 1973- Past Daily Backstage Pass

Looking for samples of Iconic Americana this weekend, I ran across this concert by the legendary Little Feat, recorded by KMET-FM in Los Angeles on March 20, 1973. Having been a fan of this group since their early days, I always enjoyed their live gigs equally as much as their...


January 2, 1994 – Pundits Working Overtime – The Smiley Faces Of 1993

Try as they might to gloss over the jaundiced underpinnings, the pundits of mainstream media were busily painting smiley-faces on the end of 1993 and the start of 1994, this January 2nd. Weather was the big news, as always, for the end of one year and the beginning of another....