Daily Archive: February 4, 2021

Pakistan Elections - Nawaz Sharif 0

February 4, 1997 – Pakistan Goes To The Polls – Rebels Gain Ground In Zaire – Fujimori Makes Inquiries.

February 4, 1997 – BBC World Service – Newsdesk – February 4, 1997 – Elections in Pakistan – Civil War in Zaire – Civil War in Colombia – Hostage drama in Lima – violent crackdowns on protestors in Belgrade bringing widespread condemnation – assassination of a Roman Catholic Bishop on...


February 4, 1980 – ABSCAM: New Word In The Dictionary.

On this February 4th in 1980, a new Acronym entered our Dictionary –ABSCAM, which stood for Abdul Enterprises Scam or Arab Scam implicated at least 8 Senators and Congressmen over accepting bribes in exchange for favors. Denials and hand-wringing went into swift action, but questions arose when it was learned...