Daily Archive: February 12, 2021

Ford Pinto - crashc scene 0

February 12, 1980 – A Hundred Days Of Hostage – Olympics And Moscow – The Pinto Trial: Ford’s Better Idea.

February 12, 1980 – CBS The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 12, 1980 – Busy news day – The Hostage drama in Tehran was lumbering on for its 100th day – the start/stall negotiations were prompting the State Department to consider a news blackout in an...


February 12, 1964 – Big Trouble In Little Cyprus

Contrary to popular belief that the world changed in 1964, based on the happenings on The Ed Sullivan Show a few days earlier, it was the business-as-usual for the rest of the planet. Civil War was erupting on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus between Greeks and Turks who lived there,...