Daily Archive: February 26, 2021


Kaleidoscope – Live At The 1968 Newport Folk Festival – Past Daily Soundbooth

Not to be confused with the UK Psych band of the same name, the U.S. Kaleidoscope were one of the more eclectic assemblages of musicians ever to hit the stage in the 1960s. Incorporating a wild array of Middle Eastern instruments and freely tossing World Beat rhythms into their songs...

Manila - February 1945 0

February 26, 1945 – MacArthur Establishes Civil Government In Manila While Still Under Siege.

February 26, 1945 – Shortwave report and adresses by Gen. MacArthur and Philippine Commonwealth President Sergio Osmeña. – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 26, 1945 – While fighting continued, literally yards from the ceremony, Allied forces General Douglas MacArthur handed over the duties of the Philippine Commonwealth Government to...

The GOP - Primaries 1996 0

February 26, 1996 – Pat Buchanan And The GOP Hissy-Fit – Primary Season In America.

It was Primary season, this February in 1996. And the news for this February 26th was the campaign of Senator Bob Dole was in big trouble, financially. And with the upcoming Arizona Primary slated for the following day (February 26th in 1996 fell on a Monday, so . . .),...