Daily Archive: February 28, 2021


Sir Thomas Beecham And The Royal Philharmonic In Concert – 1947 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

To the heavy, cumbersome, oversized and thoroughly enjoyable BBC Transcriptions this week for a concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra led by the legendary and amiable Sir Thomas Beecham in an all-Mozart program, recorded on April 28, 1947. Starting off with the Overture to The Magic Flute and then to...

The Young Myra Hess 1

An Interview With Dame Myra Hess – 1963 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry: Talking About Music.

I grew up listening to the recordings of Dame Myra Hess on 78’s because as a kid, I wasn’t trusted with the lps in my parents collection and was relegated to the breakable, scratchy 78’s I got at Salvation Army Thrift shops because they were cheap at the time and...