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Past Daily’s Summer Fundraiser – Crossing Fingers, Making Pitches, Carrying Big Sticks.

If You Don't Know Who This Is . . .
If You Don’t Know Who This Is – We’ll Tell You*.
(hint: He’s Number 26 And He Believes In Carrying Big Sticks)

Mystery Voice

Here we are at the end of the first week of our Summer Fundraiser and we haven’t been tipping the scales or budging the meters. Oh, a few of you have chipped in and some of you have increased your monthly pledges, but the big majority, the thousands of you who come by, look around, hit the play button and nod your heads, don’t toss anything into the hat.

Not that we expect you to – it’s more important you find out about things or listen to people or music you haven’t heard before or go exploring than to make you pay for the privilege.

But it would be great – no; it would be a lifesaver if you chipped in, even a little, in order to keep us up and going.

It costs to keep Past Daily going – with over 10,000 posts and audio from everywhere, it takes hours and days to restore damaged sound files – transfer ancient discs and tapes and do the necessary research to get it all right and factual so you can listen and find out about something, or make the discovery.

And we’ve made it easy for you to do what you can. You can chip in what you would normally pay for a cup of coffee – you can toss in something via PayPal – either once or once a month. You can subscribe via Patreon and get all access to our sound files to download and listen anytime you want – or start your own archive.

Lots of choices but the most important thing is you make a choice. And you can do it and it won’t hurt a bit and we won’t bug you for more – won’t text you with reminders – won’t annoy you with spam. That’s why we’re doing this fundraiser.

We’ve even stopped running ads to make spending time at Past Daily an enjoyable and better experience for you.

So – I promised I wouldn’t harangue you and make demands or guilt you into doing something. All I’m asking during this fundraiser is that you consider making Past Daily worth saving and you like what we do and you want to see it continue.

That’s all – do what you can – if you can and we’ll be around tomorrow if you do.

Oh, and the guy in the picture is *Teddy Roosevelt. Yeah, we have him giving a speech or two. Interesting guy and you should know more about him.

We’ll help you.

As you know, we’ve suspended indefinitely our ads in order to make Past Daily a better experience for you without all the distractions and pop-ups. Because of that, we’re relying more on your support through Patreon to keep us up and running every day. For as little as $5.00 a month you can make a huge difference as well as be able to download all of our posts for free (news, history, music). You’ll see a banner just below. Click on that and become a subscriber – it’s easy, painless and does a world of good.

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