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Los Bitchos – In Session At FIP, Paris – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Los Bitchos – Surf-Disco with a slice of United Nations.

Los Bitchos – in session at FIP, Paris – November 22, 2022 – Radio France –

Los Bitchos in session to end the old week/start the new week. Recorded (and interviewed) live at FIP, the eclectic Pop/rock/jazz/hip-hop outlet from Radio France in Paris – all done live on November 22,2022.

Here’s what Marcy Donelson of AllMusic has to say about them:

With members hailing from Britain, Uruguay, Australia, and Sweden, the trippy, surf-injected rock instrumentals of Los Bitchos draw on influences as cosmopolitan as their membership. Blending elements of Argentinian cumbia, Peruvian chicha, and Turkish Anatolian rock, among other influences, into their distinctly lighthearted, psychedelic sound, Los Bitchos christened their 2022 debut album Let the Festivities Begin!

Australia native Serra Petale (guitar), Uruguay’s Agustina Ruiz (keytar), Sweden’s Josefine Jonsson (bass), and South Londoner Nic Crawshaw (drums) met at various house parties in London or through mutual friends. With Crawshaw having played in local punk bands, they bonded over the prospect of transcending genre with their collective influences. The foursome began playing shows together in Europe in the late 2010s, and finished recording their first album right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With touring and the album’s release on hold, the band launched the Internet radio show Planet Bitchos to explore international music styles. A video of the band’s performance at the 2019 Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, France, soon collected hundreds of thousands of views, and in mid-2021, Los Bitchos appeared on the B-side of Altın Gün’s single “Kisasa Kisas” b/w “Erkilet Güzeli.” By the end of the year, they had signed with City Slang. The Alex Kapranos-produced debut album Let the Festivities Begin! followed in February 2022.

Update: A tour is getting ready to head out and should be winding its way to Australia by the end of the year. No U.S. dates, but that might change (ya just never know) – stay tuned and stay plugged in.

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