Indo-Pakistan War 1965 0

September 17, 1965 – UN Secretary General U-Thant On The Indo-Pakistan War – Past Daily Reference Room

Subscribe for exclusive offers: Become a Patron! September 17, 1965 – In what began as a series of skirmishes between India and Pakistan in April, developed into a full-blown war by the beginning of September. The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 was a culmination of skirmishes that took place between April...

Yvette Mimieux Narrates Stravinsky 0

Pierre Amoyal, Nathaniel Rosen, Mona Golabek, George Shirley And Yvette Mimieux – Symphonies Under The Stars – 1968 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Los Angeles Philharmonic. Lawrence Foster, conductor – Pierre Amoyal, violin – Nathaniel Rosen, cello – Mona Golabek, piano – George Shirley, Tenor – Yvette Mimieux, Narrator – Pacifica Singers, Paul Vorwerk, conductor – Hollywood Bowl – August 13, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Something historic, long-lost and never-before-heard...

End of Summer - 1969 0

It’s August 1969, You’re A Teenager, You Live In L.A., You Still Love KRLA, Summer Is Almost Over, So Are The 60s

KRLA – Bob Dayton – August 14, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Become a Patron! It’s August 14, 1969 – in a few weeks school will be starting. Summer will be over – well . . . until the Santa Ana winds start blowing in October, and then it’s...

Hugging A Tree 3

It’s 1969 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In The Bay Area – Lately, You Have Taken To Hugging Trees.

KFRC – Chuck Browning -November 11, 1969 – Rob Frankel Collection – Think about it – 50 years ago: If you were a teenager, chances were pretty good that you became a strict vegetarian, burned incense just about everywhere, reeked of patchouli, read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha backwards and forwards –...