Excelsior Hi - 1968 4

It’s February 22, 1968 -You Live In L.A. – You’re In High School – You Have A Problem With Authority Figures – Welcome To The 60s.

KRLA-KHJ-KFWB-KBLA – February 22, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – No pressure . . .but: Become a Patron! Authority figures – they never seemed to bother you until sometime around Junior High. But then, sometime around Junior High was when life as you knew it changed. You changed, the...


Days Of Conspicuous Consumption – Radio Commercials In The 1960’s: Youthquake – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Radio Commercials – 1960-1969 – The Come Alive Generation – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Conspicuous consumption – In the 1950s it was just starting – teens and pre-teens were still in the minority and not considered a major source of consumer dollars in those days. It was still the...