Oklahoma City Bombing Trial - Timothy McVeigh

September 2, 1995 – A Bid To Make The Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Credible – A Lull In The O.J Simpson Trial – NATO Gives Bosnians A Breather

September 2, 1995 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 2, 1995 – News from Oklahoma City to start this particular September day. Word that the government wanted to move the trial of bombing suspects Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to another city and preferably...

Vietnam - October 1963

October 31, 1963 – Vietnam: Victory Just Months Away – Detroit Bookies Told To Ease Up – Russian Diplomats Shown The Door

Become a Patron! October 31, 1963 – A day for cautious optimism. A rumor that our Vietnam excursion was slated to be over “within two months”, according to General Paul Harkins, the U.S. Military commander in South Vietnam. Harkins said in a report published in Tokyo earlier in the morning,...

Harlem - July 1964

July 24, 1964 – Harlem And The Long, Hot Summer – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! Fifty-five years ago, on July 24, 1964 Harlem was in the process of sweeping up smashed windows, putting out fires and generally recovering from the events only a few days before. A series of events which would be repeated to the point where the days after June...