Vietnam - October 1963 0

October 31, 1963 – Vietnam: Victory Just Months Away – Detroit Bookies Told To Ease Up – Russian Diplomats Shown The Door

Become a Patron! October 31, 1963 – A day for cautious optimism. A rumor that our Vietnam excursion was slated to be over “within two months”, according to General Paul Harkins, the U.S. Military commander in South Vietnam. Harkins said in a report published in Tokyo earlier in the morning,...

Harlem - July 1964 0

July 24, 1964 – Harlem And The Long, Hot Summer – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! Fifty-five years ago, on July 24, 1964 Harlem was in the process of sweeping up smashed windows, putting out fires and generally recovering from the events only a few days before. A series of events which would be repeated to the point where the days after June...

Insurance Ad - 1939 0

America’s Little Insurance Problem – 1940 – The Fleece Factor And Morris H. Siegel. Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! Insurance – an integral and inescapable part of our national fabric; the thing that hounds us, protects us and promises us. The thing most abused, exploited and feared. Because we are a society pretty much based on fear, the notion of being “left unprotected” is something we’ve...

Drinking The Kool-Aid 0

While You’re Digging Our Sights And Sounds . . . . A Few Words From Gordon Skene And Past Daily.

Become a Patron! From the somewhat addled mind of Gordon Skene: You have options – and both of them are just below the photo. As you know, we were hot in the midst of our Annual Past Daily Fundraiser almost two weeks ago – doing our yearly stump for support...


June 4, 1954 – Army-McCarthy Hearings: Day 27 – Past Daily Reference Room

June 4, 1954 – Day 27 – Army-McCarthy Hearings – Recap from CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Day 27 of the now-infamous Army-McCarthy Hearings – in a few days the hearings would come to a dramatic conclusion. But leading up that point were charges and countercharges in...