Paris - May, 1968 0

Paris In Spring – 1968 – The Strike, The Protests, The Teargas, The Social Revolution – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

Documentary Recordings from The protests and Police actions – Paris 1968 – Institut des Archives Sonores, Paris – While the drama currently unfolds in the streets of Paris and other cities and towns all across France, many are making comparisons to the actions of the “Gilets Jaunes” or “Yellow Vests”...

Jacqueline Bromaire 0

Jacqueline Brumaire And Jean Martinon Play Music Of Maurice Jaubert – 1952 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Maurice Jaubert – Jeanne d’Arc (1937) : symphonie concertante for soli, choir and orchestra – Jacqueline Brumaire, Soprano – French National Orchestra – Jean Martinon, conductor – 1952 Concert performance. Continuing our seemingly endless archeological dig through the vault and unearthing broadcasts of rarities – here’s another one which should...

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Georges Migot: Piano Concerto – World Premier – 1964 -Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

George Migot – Piano Concerto – Jacqueline Eymar, Piano – ORTF Symphony, Manuel Rosenthal, cond – June 26, 1964 – ORTF -Gordon Skene Sound Collection World Premiers this weekend. The French Composer/painter/poet/writer Georges Migot (1891-1976) and the premier of his Piano Concerto, completed in 1962 and given its world premier...