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October 25, 1983 – “We’re From The Government, We’re Here To Help . . . .”- Invasion Of Grenada – Aftermath of Beirut Bombing

Become a Patron! This day, 30 years ago we were busily invading the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada in what has been described as “A lovely little war”. Considered a threat to stability in the region, the small island was at the center of a controversy involving Cuba, a lot...


October 23, 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis: War Footing

Become a Patron! As the Cuban Missile Crisis reached the second day, ominous signs were apparent everywhere. Orders were issued, a blockade was to be enforced, protests were lodged, reserves were called up. The threat of war inched closer. And everyone sat and listened and waited and felt generally helpless...

Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus - 1957 0

Archbishop Makarios – Cyprus And The Right Of Self-Determination – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! A panel discussion from Meet The Press on September 15, 1957 with Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus regarding the independence movement that was taking place and the ensuing violence that was erupting on the tiny Island/nation. Here is some background via the Imperial War Museum in Britain on...

Carter re-election Campaign headquarters - 1979 0

October 15, 1979 – Hua As Tourist – Jesse Jackson As Enemy – Carter As Non-Candidate Candidate

Become a Patron! October 15, 1979 – Historic news – Chinese Premier Hua Guofeng landed in Paris for his first of several stops on a three-week European tour. It was the first time a Chinese Communist leader visited Europe, and the purpose was to strengthen relations with nations that saw...

Communist Demonstrations - 1950s 0

Cold War: 1950s – Battle For The Control Of Hearts And Minds – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! The Cold War – a time of saber rattling, anxiety, fear, posturing, threatening, propaganda, but above all; Marketing. It was a war of ideologies. A war where confrontations were few, tensions were high, but in the end, World War Three never materialized and Earth was spared obliteration...