Past Daily Archeology

Agustin Lara - Two sides For Musart

Two By Agustin Lara – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table: Archeology

    Agustin Lara – Noche Criolla Palmera – Rosa – Musart Records M-952 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Two sides by the legendary Mexican composer/pianist Agustin Lara. Originally issued on a 78 rpm disc in the 1950s these sides were also part of a 10″ album issued by the...

Angel iglesias

Angel Iglesias – Two Sides For Chant du Monde – Past Daily Archeology

Angel Iglesias – Hommage pour le Tombeau de Claude Debussy (De Falla) – Le Chant du Monde 78 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Angel Iglesias – Danza Espagnola No. 8 (Granados) – Le Chant de Monde 78 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Starting a new series tonight; Past Daily...