Soviet Union

Berlin 1959

Paul-Henri Spaak – Father Of The EU – Talks About Berlin And Moscow – 1959 – Past Daily Reference Room –

Paul-Henri Spaak – Meet The Press – April 5, 1959 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Berlin in the middle of the Cold War. It was often said, during these uncertain times, that if World War 3 was to break out, Berlin would be ground zero. A city divided since...

Indira Gandhi - Clark Clifford

January 31, 1980 – “A Move On The Gulf Means War” – Jitters And Puffery

January 31, 1980 – CBS News – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 31, 1980 – A day of diplomacy, arm-twisting, posturing, proclaiming and finger-pointing. Jimmy Carter’s Special Envoy, Clark Clifford paid a visit to India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to assure here the weapons the...