One of life's many Ohmagawd moments. 0

It’s 1981 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – The Party’s Just Getting Started – Jed The Fish Is The Voice Of Your Conscience –

KROQ – Jed The Fish with Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo – July 1981 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Ah, the 80s – wretched excess, padded shoulders and electronica. The Strip is your refuge and Madame Wong’s is your salvation and the party’s just getting started. You can’t make...

Egyptair Flight 990 0

November 7, 1999 – Egyptair Flight 990 – More Questions Than Answers – The Pipe Bombs Of Netanya – The Runners Of New York

November 7, 1999 – CBS Radio News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 7, 1999 – Day of mourning for the families of Egyptair Flight 990 which plunged into the ocean off Nantucket, killing all 217 passengers. So far, it’s been a slow agonizing process, getting...