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Women and Wretched Excess 0

October 2, 1976 – Pressing Flesh, Earl Butz And Women’s Little Drug And Alcohol Problem

Patrons get freebies – like this news broadcast: Become a Patron! For the week ending on October 2nd in 1976, it was a busy flurry of news. Starting with the adjournment of the 94th Congress and assessments, blame and praise handed out to anyone willing to analyze. President Ford was...

Indo-Pakistan War 1965 0

September 17, 1965 – UN Secretary General U-Thant On The Indo-Pakistan War – Past Daily Reference Room

Subscribe for exclusive offers: Become a Patron! September 17, 1965 – In what began as a series of skirmishes between India and Pakistan in April, developed into a full-blown war by the beginning of September. The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 was a culmination of skirmishes that took place between April...

Vietnam - the turning point 0

July 19, 1965 – “Not Since Korea” – Vietnam Takes A Turn – Funeral For Adlai Stevenson

Or click on the Link: News for July 19, 1965 Become a Patron! In what was described by commanders in the field as the worst fighting since The Korean War, the war in Vietnam took a new and deadly turn, this day in July, 1965. Despite attempts by The Pentagon...

UAW Pres. Owen Bieber 0

October 23, 1985 – UAW Strike Settlement: Trading Picket Signs for Rivet Guns – UN At 40: Potentates And Gridlock – Gearing Up For A Summit

October 23, 1985 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 23, 1985 – The day started off the good news. The Chrysler Auto Strike that lasted for two weeks and came to an end after 42 non-stop hours of negotiations, finally came to an end...

Paris Peace Conference 0

June 27, 1947 – Paris Peace Conference – The Fragile Nature Of Postwar Europe –

June 27, 1947 – ABC Radio Headline Edition – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – June 27, 1947 – a day of diplomacy and discussion. The Paris Peace Conference took center stage on this day. Despite 100 degree temperatures in Paris, the formally dressed, and miserably uncomfortable delegates filed into the...

Eleanor Roosevelt - Meet The Press 0

Eleanor Roosevelt Discusses Mid-Term Elections – Democrats – Women In Politics – 1958 – Past Daily Reference Room

  Eleanor Roosevelt – Meet The Press – October 26, 1958 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, contrary to fading into the woodwork and living our her days in peaceful obscurity, took to the world political stage after the death of her husband, Franklin, and...