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Home Front - December 13, 1941 0

December 13, 1941 – Need To Know – Need To Alarm

December 13, 1941 – News Reports of the day – NBC – Red And Blue Networks – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 13, 1941 – almost a week since the U.S. got involved in the War, it was now a World War. And suddenly, America was preoccupied with reports,...

President Eisenhower - 1953 0

President Eisenhower – The 100th Anniversary Of The GOP – Sept. 21,1953 – Past Daily Reference Room

President Eisenhower addresses a Fundraiser held in Boston on September 21, 1953. With the current election season heading to the final few weeks, begin reminded that Political Parties in America have changed dramatically over the years; none probably as much as the GOP. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a popular...

July 1966 0

July 25, 1966 – Our Summer Of Discontent

July 25, 1966 – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Summer in the city and the summer of discontent. A Summer of scarring and scorching, this July 25, 1966. Starting with news on the matter of Civil Rights and the exploding violence and rage in cities all...

George W. Bush 0

July 20, 2000 – Playing Fast – Playing Loose – Playing For Keeps

July 20, 2000 – CBS World News Roundup – Late Edition – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 20, 2000 – smack in the middle of Campaign 2000 – Bush and Gore – the election that would go all the way to the Supreme Court. On this day it was...

New York - July 1977 0

July 19, 1977 – Summer Of Sizzle

July 19, 1977 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 19, 1977 – the heatwave which had gripped most of the East Coast and was in other parts of the country was continuing on this day. As New York was slowly recovering from its worst...

FDR - Accepting the nomination for a third term 0

FDR Addresses The 1940 Democratic Convention – Convention Snapshot

On July 18, 1940 President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed members of the 1940 Democratic convention and accepted their nomination of him for President for an unprecedented third term. His nomination went quickly, having won on the first ballot, handily beating out two other candidates, Postmaster James Farley and for vice-President...

French refugees 0

July 18, 1940 – 3rd Terms And Ultimatums

July 18, 1940 – News of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 18, 1940 – much going on, this day 76 years ago. News that President Roosevelt was going for a 3rd term and anticipation of his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in Chicago later on...

Boris Yeltsin 0

July 15, 1996 – The Trouble With Boris

July 15, 1996 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – News for this July 15, 1996 had to do with bad manners, mixed signals and no-shows. Russia’s Boris Yeltsin abruptly cancelled a planned meeting with vice-President Al Gore, with Kremlin officials stammering and making awkward excuses....