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Marine Research In Session – 1999 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Marine Research – in session for John Peel – April 18, 1999 – BBC Radio 1 – Marine Research tonight. After running the 90s indie band Heavenly last night, a reader reminded me of the band which came after Heavenly. That was Marine Research. Following in the Indie/jangly footsteps of...

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Morrissey – Live At Glastonbury 2004 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Morrissey – live at Glastonbury 2004 – recorded for BBC 6 Music. Morrissey tonight. I’m at a loss to figure out why, but in going through my past concert/session posts, the last time I posted anything on Morrissey, it was 2012. No good reason, but I hope this 2004 Glasto...