L.A. in 1979 - looking north towards Hollywood. Everything's changed and nothing's changed.
L.A. in 1979 – looking north towards Hollywood. Everything’s changed and nothing’s changed.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – KMPC-AM – Geoff Edwards Show – November 26, 1979

Looking around for events which occurred on this day in history, I ran across this tape of an hour’s worth of L.A. radio station KMPC, recorded between 9 and 10 in the morning on November 26, 1979 – 35 years ago.

Strange, in a way. A lot has changed in that time. The station no longer exists, buildings have been torn down, replaced and torn down again. Cars change. Hair changes. Clothes change. All those elements which denoted a specific place and time have changed for the most part. That’s what popular culture is all about – constant evolution.

The constants are the weather, the fundamentals and the rest of the world. During this hour on November 26, 1979 we were in the midst of the hostage crisis in Iran. KMPC boasted having a reporter actually in Tehran giving live updates as to the crisis, what was happening to the Embassy employees and what was the U.S. doing to break the stalemate. That was mixed in between doses of Barry Manilow and Paul Mauriat. Remember, in 1979 KMPC was considered a “middle of the road” station – not hip, not adventuresome and not cool. But it did have reports live from Tehran, so that sparked people’s interest in Los Angeles on this day. The weather was pretty much the same – turning hot, as was usually the case around this time of year. It was the reason for all the treks west during the Winter. Southern California had it’s surprise, yet like-clockwork blast of Summer for all to see in the frozen climes around the rest of the country. But it also had its Freeways and its traffic and its congestion. Back then, we thought it was unbearable – L.A. was becoming a glut of traffic and people. Today we look at that and wonder what we were complaining about.

So for all things that change about a city, there is enough to remain the same so that time does, on occasion, stand still.

If you were around then – and maybe living in L.A. at the time, this should ring a few bells. If you weren’t, here’s a reminder that things really deep-down, don’t change. Besides, it’s all about now anyway.

Enjoy, or cringe at your leisure.

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