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Being A Teenager In 1965 9

It’s April 1965 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – You’re In High School – Your Attention Span Went On Vacation And Didn’t Tell You.

KRLA – Dick Biondi – April 14, 1965 – Mike Devich Collection – Consider this: No. It’s not just you – the whole world is having a hard time concentrating. There’s a lot going on – and depending on what age you are, it’s either really-really good or really-really bad....


Peter, Paul And Mary – Odetta, Bud & Travis – Folk Night At The Hollywood Bowl – 1963 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Peter, Paul and Mary, Odetta – Bud & Travis- Folk Night At The Bowl – August 2, 1963 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Help us preserve history: Become a Patron! Since running The Kingston Trio concert last night, I’ve had several requests for other Folk concerts from this period...

Hydrogen Bomb - 1951 0

January 1951 – Brave New Future – Saving Life And Destroying It.

Your support is needed, I’m serious:Become a Patron! January 1951. Still the month to look back at the accomplishments of the previous year. This radio discussion series called “You And . . .” focused on different aspects of our society in 1951; where we were going, what were we doing...

Almost Summer 1975 8

It’s June 1975 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s Officially Almost Summer, The Obscene Steven Clean Says So.

KMET – Steven Clean – June 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – It’s almost Summer – why you know it’s almost Summer is that it’s June; not yet June-gloom, but that week in June where it suddenly hits 100 degrees during the day and you can smell infinite possibilities...