Don Cherry and Sonny Rollins - The Copenhagen Summit.
Don Cherry and Sonny Rollins – The Copenhagen Summit.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Sonny Rollins Quartet featuring Don Cherry – live at Falkontetret, Copenhagen – January 15, 1963 – DR Radio

Perennial favorite Sonny Rollins this week, joined by the legendary Don Cherry (along with Henry Grimes and Billy Higgins) in concert from Copenhagen, recorded by Danish Radio on January 15, 1963.

Luckily, this concert has been preserved and has made the collectors circuit over the years. A lot of great chemistry between Rollins and Cherry here, with stellar support from Grimes and Higgins.

It’s Doctor Rollins now, as well as 2011 National Medal of Arts recipient – and the accolades are not only well deserved, they are long overdue. So much has been said about Sonny Rollins; his inestimable influence on Sax playing, his essential contribution to Jazz, that it’s pointless to add anything. The same goes for Don Cherry. Suffice to say, this concert represents two giants getting together and trading messages. And it’s historic.

So I will cut the chatter and leave it to you to crank this up and enjoy.

It’s Sunday, after all.

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