Foreign Policy

Robert Polhill - Hostage 0

February 11, 1987 – The Hostage-For-Prisoner Swap And Death To America All Over Again.

A little support goes a long way: Become a Patron! News for this day in 1987 started with the storm of protest over a U.S. proposal for a hostage-for-prisoner swap that included 8 Americans and one Israeli in exchange for Palestinians being held by Israel. No, the Israeli’s weren’t going...


February 7, 1964 – The State Department Holds A Press Conference: The Subject Is Gitmo

On a day where crises were popping up seemingly everywhere, the focus on this February 7th in 1964 was the flare-up of bad relations with Cuba and threats by the Castro regime against our military base at Guantanamo. The flap began over the seizing of four Cuban fishing trawlers off...

Andrea Meade Lawrence - 1948 Winter Olympics 0

February 6, 1948 – Dixiecrats And The Run For The White House – Elections In Ireland – First Winter Olympics Since 1936

We really can use your support: Become a Patron! February 6, 1948 -A lot happening this day – from the State House in Mississippi to the slopes of St. Moritz and points in between. Starting with news of the formation of a breakaway political party from the Democrats in the...

Moscow - Lenin Poster - 0

February 3, 1990 – Moscow: The Power Shift – Bulgaria: Big Changes – South Africa: The Big Deep Breath.

We could really use some support, if you haven’t already: Become a Patron! February 3, 1990 – Eyes on Moscow as a controversial call for major political change in the Soviet Union was taking shape. An anticipation of sparks flying at the Central Committee during the coming week as the...

Kosovo - January 1999 0

January 31, 1999 – The View From Kosovo – Brazil’s Economic Crisis – Iraq’s No-Fly Zone – The Great Barrier Reef In Danger.

Just a buck makes a huge difference: Become a Patron! January 31, 1999 – The continuing, almost never-ending story of Kosovo and the entire region of the former Yugoslavia was in the news again. This time a hostage situation involving Albanian Rebels holding Yugoslav Army personnel. The rebels were refusing...

The Gulf Crisis - The Propaganda wars 0

December 13, 1990 – The Gulf Crisis – Hostage Releases, Terrorist Threats And Wide-Toothy Grins.

Become a Patron! December 13, 1990 – The gulf crisis was continuing on a simmer/slow boil. Word that an Iraqi Airways 707 left Baghdad for Frankfurt, carrying Ambassador Nathaniel Howell and four fellow diplomats and around 25 additional Americans. The last organized American evacuation flight brought out 14 Americans including...