Daily Archive: April 16, 2016

L.A. Teenagers - Spring 1967

It’s Saturday April 29, 1967, You’re A Teenager And KRLA Is Knee-Deep In A Spring Festival Of Hits.

  April 29, 1967 – KRLA – Johnny Hayes Show – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – L.A. Saturday, April 29, 1967 – It’s Spring – it’s only 64 degrees out at 2 in the afternoon, so it’s not totally Beach weather. Still, it’s the weekend. If you were like every...

Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Needs Your Help . . .Really.

Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Needs Your Help . . .Really.

No elegant way to put this – we’ve fallen¬†behind in our goal for this Spring Fundraiser and we need your help. Unless we get some serious turnout for contributions in the next few days, we’re going to have to cut back the amount of posts we do each day and...