Daily Archive: July 2, 2016

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Otis Redding – Live In Stockholm 1967 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Legends this weekend. The immortal Otis Redding, in concert from Stockholm and recorded by the venerable Sveriges Radio in 1967. It’s been said, and rightly so, that Otis Redding was one of the greatest singers in the history of American Popular Music, and was one of the seminal figures in...

Teenagers dancing 1967 8

It’s June 16, 1967 – You Live In L.A. – You’re Listening To KBLA, And Your Heart Is About To Be Broken

KBLA – The Diamond Mine – June 16, 1967 – Hour 1 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – KBLA – The Diamond Mine – June 16, 1967 – Hour 2 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – KBLA – The Diamond Mine – June 16, 1967 – Hour 3 – Gordon...

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Michel Polnareff – Live At Lausanne 1967 – Past Daily Soundbooth/Rock Without Borders

Michel Polnareff – a name which may not ring many bells on this side of the Atlantic, but a name which has become something of an institution in Europe, particularly France. Before the days of streaming and universal instant access, non-English speaking/singing artists like Michel Polnareff, popular though they were...

1952 Democratic Convention 0

Convention Snapshot – 1952 Democratic Convention, Chicago – July 26, 1952

Sounds of Conventions; a snapshot if you will, of moments, not necessarily earth shattering or pivotal, but moments which evoke a period of time in Americas political life. Today, it’s a one hour snippet of the last day of the 1952 Democratic Convention – the nominating of a vice-Presidential running...