Daily Archive: September 17, 2016

November 1965 8

It’s November 1965. You’re a Teenager – You’re in L.A. And The Real Don Steele Explains It All To You – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

KHJ – The Real Don Steele Show + Bobby Mitchell – November 1965 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Third week of November, 1965 – the year was almost over and things were changing faster than ever. The Beatles were household names and The Rolling Stones were freely copied by...

My Bloody Valentine 0

My Bloody Valentine – In Concert From Lyon, France – 1989 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

My Bloody Valentine, in concert at Le Truc in Lyon, France – March 21, 1989. Admittedly, not for all tastes this weekend. My Bloody Valentine (I posted a session from them earlier this year), have been one of the pioneering bands in the Shoegaze movement of the late 1980s. They...

Spiro Agnew 0

Campaign ’72 – Spiro Speaks – Spiro Agnew On Meet The Press – 1972 – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

Looking back at previous elections and the people who helped shape them, or at least make them unforgettable. Spiro Agnew, vice-President to Richard Nixon had a legendary disdain for the Press. His dislike probably went deeper than his disdain for anything hinting at being Left. Famously referring to the Press...