Daily Archive: October 11, 2017

Paul Sacher 0

Heinz Holliger With Paul Sacher And The English Chamber Orchestra At Aldeburgh 1971 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

The English Chamber Orchestra – Heinz Holliger, Oboe – Paul Sacher, Cond. – 1971 Aldeburgh Festival – BBC Concert Hall – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Back to historic concerts this week. From the 1971 Aldeburgh Festival, a performance by the English Chamber orchestra, guest conducted by Paul Sacher, with...

Chairman Mao 2

The Life And Times Of Chairman Mao – CBC – 1975 – Past Daily Reference Room

CBC Radio – The Life And Times Of Chairman Mao – circa 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Hard to imagine, but perhaps because it has been some 41 years since his death, there are a lot of people don’t recall who Mao Tse-Tung was. And it was even...