Daily Archive: January 11, 2018

Motorhead in session 1978

Motorhead In Session – 1978 – RIP: Fast Eddie Clarke – Past Daily Soundbooth: Tribute Edition

Motorhead In Session – John Peel – Sept. 25, 1978 – BBC Radio 1 – With the sad news that Fast Eddie Clarke passed away earlier today of complications from pneumonia at age 67, it truly marked the end of an era. Because Fast Eddie was the last surviving member...

Ticket to the Circus

January 11, 1999 – Getting Ready For The Circus – Getting Bluster From Iraq

January 11, 1999 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 11, 1999 – A day with a lot of news going for it. Between pending Impeachment trials and saber rattling from Iraq there was enough to keep just about everyone occupied, at least for a...