In Camera - in session
In Camera - A virtual blip on the radar - one singe and 2 eps (one issued posthumously) before calling it a day.

In Camera In Session – 1980 – Past Daily Soundbooth

In Camera - in session

In Camera – A virtual blip on the radar – one single and 2 eps (one issued posthumously) before calling it a day.

In Camera – in session for John Peel – recorded Dec. 9, 1980 – broadcast Dec. 16, 1980 – BBC Radio 1 –

In Camera in their first and only session for John Peel, recorded at the BBC on December 9, 1980 and broadcast Dec. 16, 1980. Only together 3 years, and with one single and two eps (the second being issued posthumously) before calling it quits in 1981.

The seeds of the band were sown when youthful drummer Jeff Wilmott introduced aspiring bass guitar player Pete Moore to singer David Steiner; through this nucleus the addition of guitarist Andrew Gray became possible. After an incendiary performance at ‘Billy’s’ in Soho, London opening for Bauhaus, In Camera were signed by that band’s record label, 4AD.

In Camera released a 7″ single, “Die Laughing”/”Final Achievement” in 1979, followed six months later by the four-track EP IV Songs. Various gigs materialised throughout England, culminating at the end of 1980 in a John Peel session. This resulted in the release of the session on 12″ as the EP Fin; the recording being the final vinyl document of the band before its non-acrimonious split in 1981.

After they split, A retrospective, 13 (Lucky for Some), was released in 1992 on CD. All releases were on the 4AD label.

In March 2015, 4AD announced a pre-order for “Era” an anthology of In Camera’s pre-1991 material – featuring previously unheard tracks, rehearsal tapes, live recordings and demos – via direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic. “Era” will be released in June 2015 and available in digital, 2xCD and 2xLP formats.

I don’t think this is the theme for the week, but it’s ironic that this is the second Soundbooth session featuring a band which were short-lived. Perhaps a Freudian slip on my part. Still, further evidence a lot of bands have come and gone over the years, and continue to come and go. Not everyone becomes a household name – some are justifiably obscure while others are criminally so. But you can’t really delve into a decade or movement without being aware of the lesser-knowns who formed the backbone of those movements. Getting the whole picture is important, as it is with everything.

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