Daily Archive: July 19, 2018

Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Russia – 2005 – The Rise Of Vladimir Putin And The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Past Daily Reference Room

Putin’s Russia – 2005 – BBC Documentary – BBC World Service – With all the talk these past several months (years) about Russian President Vladimir Putin, we get snippets of information about this leader; words of warning, rolled eyes and the letters KGB get bandied about quite a lot, but...


July 19, 1951 – Korea: A Glimmer Of Peace Talks – A Buildup Of Fresh Troops – Iran And The Oil Dispute

July 19, 1951 – Edward R. Murrow News With Don Hollenbeck – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 19, 1951 – In Korea, more talks of truce talks – more bending, negotiating, compromising – the nature of getting two sides to sit down at one table. It was looking like...