Daily Archive: November 13, 2018

The RPMs 0

The RPMs – Live At Marrs Bar, Worcester – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The RPMs – Live At Marrs Bar, Worcester – November 9, 2017 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The RPMs tonight – Indie from Brighton, live at Marrs Bar in Worcester, November 9,2017. The RPM’s emerged from the Brighton scene that has also birthed contemporaries Black Honey and Fickle Friends....

Lt. William Calley 0

November 13, 1970 – Picking A Jury For Lt. Calley – Attempts At Eliminating Ancient Nonsense – Southern California’s Annual Fire Ritual

November 13, 1970 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 13, 1970 – On this day, news from Ft. Benning, Georgia was about picking a Jury for the trial of Lt. Calley, accused in the massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai in 1968. Seems getting...