Daily Archive: September 26, 2019

Tiberius Minnows - Live At Belfast Empire

Tiberius Minnows – Live At Belfast Empire – 1996 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Tiberius Minnows- Live at Belfast Empire (+sessions) – 1996 Subscribers get perks, don’t you know? Become a Patron! Tiberius Minnows in concert tonight. Starting off with a few radio session tracks, I believe recorded for the RTÉ Network in 1996. I confess to just recently being introduced to this band...

The House Hearings - 1998

To Impeach Or Not To Impeach – The Clinton Impeachment Debate -1998 – Past Daily Reference Room

Patrons can download for free – so, how about becoming one? Become a Patron! As the word Impeachment starts making the ominous rounds, there are reminders of other situations and other times. We all talk about Watergate as unprecedented. But then, we had the 90s where sexual misconduct was considered...

Gen. MacArthur - Emperor Hirohito - 1945

September 26, 1945 – MacArthur Meets Hirohito

Subscribers can download for free: Become a Patron! Two significant events for this September 26th in 1945. The first being General MacArthur’s meeting with Emperor Hirohito, MacArthur’s first since being appointed head of the Allied Occupation of Japan. A meeting that was strictly formal and, judging by the official U.S....