Paul Paray - Retrospective Part 4

Paul Paray - Man of many talents - inspiring others was only one of them.

Paul Paray Leads L’Orchestre Philharmonique De Radio France With Denise Monteil In Music of Paray, Lesur And Rosselini – 1959-1972- Episode 4 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Paul Paray - Retrospective Part 4
Paul Paray – Man of many talents – inspiring others was only one of them.

Paul Paray and l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France – Retrospective -Part 4 – Radio France Musique –

The fourth installment of the excellent series on the tenure of the legendary Paul Paray with l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France – this time as interpreter of 20th century works, his own included. Joining him is soprano Denise Monteil.

Here’s what’s on the player:

1. Daniel Lesur
Ouverture pour un festival
Concert du 16 juin 1972.

2. Paul Paray
Messe pour le cinquième centenaire de la mort de Jeanne d’Arc
Concert du 18 mai 1959

3. Paul Paray
Symphonie n°1
Concert du 16 juin 1972.

4. RenzoRosselini
Canti del golfo di Napoli
Concert du 2 octobre 1973

5. Paul Paray
7 mélodies w/Denise Monteil – Soprano
Concert du 29 juin 1973

Paray never solidly established himself as a composer, although he produced a number of substantial works before his Detroit appointment. These include two full symphonies (1935, 1940), sonatas for violin and cello, the ballet Artémis troublée (also performed as a symphonic poem under the title Adonis troublé), and a Mass for the 500th Anniversary of the Death of Joan of Arc, first performed in Rouen in 1931 and recorded in Detroit in 1956. His style was traditionally diatonic, and very much in the manner of the academically-oriented early twentieth century French composers, including D’Indy and his followers.

Renzo Rosselini – (2 February 1908 – 13 May 1982) was an Italian composer, best known for his film scores.
Born in Rome, he was brother of director Roberto Rossellini and father of producer Franco Rossellini. He died in Monte Carlo.
He composed the scores of his brother’s films, and others such as The Children Are Watching Us and Il segno di Venere.
He also wrote several ballets, oratorios, cantatas, four operas—La Guerra (1956), Il vortice (1958), Uno sguardo dal ponte (1961), L’Annonce faite à Marie (1970)—, symphonies, chamber music, and songs.

Enjoy and come back next week for the final episode of this great series.

Always, enjoy.

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