Daily Archive: June 26, 2020

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Rex Features)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Live At Wembley – 1987 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Live At Wembley Arena – January 13, 1987 – Live and Loud.com Frankie Goes To Hollywood to end the week. Recorded live at Wembley Arena on January 13, 1987 and spiffed-up, turbo-charged and given a new lease on life by Flip Martian at Live and...

Moscow under Khruschev

June 26, 1955 – Changes At The Kremlin – Nixon And The NAACP – Ike Goes Fishing.

Could you? Become a Patron! June 26, 1955 – A weekend, this June 26th in 1955. Not a busy news day, but one with a finger somewhere on the future. Beginning with reports of a rumored restructuring at The Kremlin. A proposal being put forth to rotate leadership, rather than...