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February 3, 1990 – Moscow: The Power Shift – Bulgaria: Big Changes – South Africa: The Big Deep Breath.

We could really use some support, if you haven’t already: Become a Patron! February 3, 1990 – Eyes on Moscow as a controversial call for major political change in the Soviet Union was taking shape. An anticipation of sparks flying at the Central Committee during the coming week as the...

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Gang Of Four – Live In Paris – 1995 – RIP: Andy Gill (1956-2020) – Past Daily Backstage Weekend: Tribute Edition.

Gang Of Four – Live at Studio 105, Maison de la Radio – Radio France International – The Black Sessions – October 27, 1995 – RFI Gang Of Four in concert on a sad occasion. The passing of co-founder and guitarist Andy Gill earlier today. This eloquent and painful press...

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January 31, 1999 – The View From Kosovo – Brazil’s Economic Crisis – Iraq’s No-Fly Zone – The Great Barrier Reef In Danger.

Just a buck makes a huge difference: Become a Patron! January 31, 1999 – The continuing, almost never-ending story of Kosovo and the entire region of the former Yugoslavia was in the news again. This time a hostage situation involving Albanian Rebels holding Yugoslav Army personnel. The rebels were refusing...

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January 22, 1997 – Roe V. Wade Anniversary Bombings – Dairy Farmers Stage One Day Strike – Newt Gingrich And Ethics.

January 22, 1997 – on the 24th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion, law enforcement nerves were on full alert as protests and expected attacks on Family planning clinics went into high gear. Sure enough, a small explosion went off a few doors away from a...