The Gulf Crisis - The Propaganda wars 0

December 13, 1990 – The Gulf Crisis – Hostage Releases, Terrorist Threats And Wide-Toothy Grins.

Become a Patron! December 13, 1990 – The gulf crisis was continuing on a simmer/slow boil. Word that an Iraqi Airways 707 left Baghdad for Frankfurt, carrying Ambassador Nathaniel Howell and four fellow diplomats and around 25 additional Americans. The last organized American evacuation flight brought out 14 Americans including...

Cab Calloway - 0

November 19, 1994 – Cab Calloway: The Hi-De-Ho Man Has Left The Building – Jesse Helms Slams Bill Clinton – Dianne Feinstein Declares Victory.

Become a Patron! November 19, 1994 – Sad news for the Entertainment world, this day. Bandleader and Singer synonymous with The Jazz Age of the 1920s, Cab Calloway passed away on the evening of the 18th, of complications from a stroke he suffered some months earlier. Calloway was a master...

UN Weapons Inspectors getting the Boot from Iraq 0

November 13, 1997 – A Plague Of UN Weapons Inspectors – A Warning Of Terrorist Attacks – Modernizing The British Parliament

Become a Patron! November 13, 1997 – Another day of anxiety and saber-rattling. It was announced that Baghdad ordered the immediate expulsion of all U.S. weapons inspectors as part of the United Nations team. The move had been announced after a meeting of the Revolutionary Command Council, headed by President...