President Eisenhower 0

President Eisenhower Addresses The American Society Of Newspaper Editors – April 17, 1958 – Past Daily Reference Room

President Eisenhower: Address to American Society Of Newspaper Editors – April 17, 1958 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – President Eisenhower took this opportunity, by way of addressing The American Society Of Newspaper Editors, to announce his proposal to reorganize The Pentagon, describing it as a “blueprint for safety and...

Teenagers at Gas Pumps in San Bernardino 1

You’re A Teenager – You Live In San Bernardino – It’s 1955 – Your World’s Going To Change, But Not Right Now

KRNO San Bernardino – Morning Show – April 4, 1955 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Don’t know about you, but looking at these photos of teenagers from 1955, my immediate thought is “this is what 16 year olds looked like back then?” In a word; yes. Maybe it was...

President Eisenhower Press Conference 0

April 12, 1954 – An Eisenhower Press Conference – Presidents Being Presidential

President Eisenhower’s Press Conference – May 12, 1954 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection- Contrary to what you may think now, Presidential News conferences were regular affairs – sometimes weekly, always at least monthly. No Press Secretary running flak – just the President and the Press. Although some press conferences were...

Konrad Adenauer 0

Konrad Adenauer And Cold-War Germany – 1960 – Past Daily Reference Room

Konrad Adenauer – Meet The Press – March 20, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, oldest elected Statesman ever to function in office (according to British historian Roy Jenkins) was in Washington ahead of the much-anticipated Summit between President Eisenhower and Chairman Khruschev of...

Nikolai Bulganin and Nehru - 1955 0

The Year Was 1955 – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare At The Year

December 31, 1955 – The Year: 1955 – CBS Radio Network – Year-end wrapup of News Events – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Starting today, and going up until New Years Eve, we’ll be running Year-end Wrapups from years gone by; what we’re calling The Thousand Yard Stare; what the...

Formosa Strait Crisis - 1958 0

September 11, 1958 – A Flare-Up Over Formosa – Pres. Eisenhower Addresses the Situation In Formosa Strait

September 11, 1958 – President Eisenhower – Address to Nation over situation in Formosa – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 11, 1958 – a day of saber-rattling and military overtures. The long-running dispute over The People’s Republic of China (Communist) versus The Republic of China (Nationalist), and claimed territory...