Foreign Policy


October 23, 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis: War Footing

Become a Patron! As the Cuban Missile Crisis reached the second day, ominous signs were apparent everywhere. Orders were issued, a blockade was to be enforced, protests were lodged, reserves were called up. The threat of war inched closer. And everyone sat and listened and waited and felt generally helpless...


October 16, 1964 – An Absence Of Nikita – Shakeup In The Kremlin

Become a Patron! The stunning news, on this October 16, 1964, was the revelation that Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev had been removed from office in what many believed to be a bloodless coup on the parts of hardliners. Afraid that Khruschev was getting a little too soft toward the West,...

Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus - 1957 0

Archbishop Makarios – Cyprus And The Right Of Self-Determination – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! A panel discussion from Meet The Press on September 15, 1957 with Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus regarding the independence movement that was taking place and the ensuing violence that was erupting on the tiny Island/nation. Here is some background via the Imperial War Museum in Britain on...

Communist Demonstrations - 1950s 0

Cold War: 1950s – Battle For The Control Of Hearts And Minds – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! The Cold War – a time of saber rattling, anxiety, fear, posturing, threatening, propaganda, but above all; Marketing. It was a war of ideologies. A war where confrontations were few, tensions were high, but in the end, World War Three never materialized and Earth was spared obliteration...

Secretary of State Cordell Hull - 1939 0

Secretary Of State Cordell Hull – PanAmerican Day – New York World’s Fair – 1939 – Past Daily Reference Room

Patrons can download this rare and historic piece of audio for free: Become a Patron! Secretary of State Cordell Hull, speaking at the New York World’s Fair on the occasion of Pan-American Day, September 22, 1939. It was ironic; the New York World’s Fair, which embodied the optimism and technology...

Preparing for War - 1938 0

September 27, 1938 – “Because Of A Quarrel In A Faraway Country, Between People Of Whom We Know Nothing” – Neville Chamberlain

Patrons get perks – join up and find out: Become a Patron! News for this September 27th in 1938 was grim. The crisis in Munich was rapidly coming to a boil and it seemed at the time inevitable that war would break out. British Prime Minister Chamberlain, exhausted from the...