Harry S. Truman

Red Scare

August 14, 1951 – President Truman: “Their Attacks Upon Our Liberties Go Almost Unchallenged” – Hate In America; 1950s

August 14, 1951 – Don Hollenbeck for Edward R. Murrow and The News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – August 14, 1951 – 66 years ago we were in the middle of the Red Scare, but we were also in the middle of something more dark and sinister than the...

Harry Truman

A Harry Truman Stump Speech – Campaign ’48 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

President Truman campaign address in St. Paul Minnesota – October 13, 1948. In what was considered one of the most bitter election years, the Presidential election of 1948 was also one of the biggest upsets in political history. President Harry S. Truman, the incumbent had what was regarded as one...

Molotov - Byrnes - UN 1947

October 14, 1947 – Meatless Tuesday And A Hint At 1948

October 14, 1947 – Pure Oil News – NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 14, 1947 – a snapshot of the Postwar world. This was a Tuesday in 1947, and that meant Meatless Tuesday if you lived in America on this day. Food rationing was a reality,...