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George McGovern Discusses Watergate, Nixon And Executive Privilege – 1973 – Past Daily Reference Room

Senator George McGovern – Face The Nation – August 19, 1973 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Become a Patron! As the events of these past few months increase in intensity and as the subject of Impeachment becomes more and more evident, listening to the events of a previous time...

Alice B. Toklas 0

Alice B. Toklas Has A Word Or Two And A Recipe For Her Infamous Brownies – 1961 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

Become a Patron! Alice B.Toklas. The name might not ring many bells with generations born after the 1960s. But during the 60s, during the blossoming of the Counterculture, she was an icon, and maybe more than her companion Gertrude Stein, became the face of the burgeoning drug culture that sprang...

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While You’re Digging Our Sights And Sounds . . . . A Few Words From Gordon Skene And Past Daily.

Become a Patron! From the somewhat addled mind of Gordon Skene: You have options – and both of them are just below the photo. As you know, we were hot in the midst of our Annual Past Daily Fundraiser almost two weeks ago – doing our yearly stump for support...


Doris Day: Words And Music – 1946 – Barry Gray’s Nightclub – Past Daily Pop Chronicles: Tribute Edition

Barry Gray’s Nightclub – Featuring Doris Day (and others) – WOR, New York – February 5, 1946 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – With the sad news today of the passing of Doris Day, one of America’s legends and treasures, it would be difficult if not impossible to add anything...

Hollywood: A state of mind 0

March 30, 1951 – The Week That Was – A Hollywood State Of Mind.

March 30, 1951 – CBS Radio: Hear It Now with Edward R. Murrow – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – March 30, 1951 – What this week sounded like in 1951, and a look at Hollywood at a crossroads. A week loaded with drama – from hearings on Organized Crime to...