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Eisenhower In Buenos Aires - 1960 0

February 27, 1960 – Ike In Buenos Aires – A Happily Excited Britain – U.S. Takes Second Place In Squaw Valley Winter Olympics

Help us keep preserving and posting: Become a Patron! February 27,1960 – Ike in Buenos Aires. After a day of welcoming President Eisenhower to Argentina, the night turned into something else, with crowds battling police and demonstrators tearing down Welcome Eisenhower posters – a big contrast to only a few...

U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge with General Khan 0

February 20, 1965 – Vietnam: Attempted Overthrow – Days Of Intrigue.

We gotta ask: Become a Patron! One of those days full of intrigues from Southeast Asia. In this case, an attempted coup on the part of troops loyal to former Premier Diem (who was assassinated and overthrown with a little CIA help), against troops loyal to Military strongman and Vietnamese...

German Troops - February 1940 0

February 18, 1940 -163 Days Since Hostilities – Not A Question Of Keeping Out Of A European War But Keeping Out Of A European Peace.

Your support is important to us. Keeps us up and running: Become a Patron! February 18, 1940 – Safely out of the war zone, and on a liner bound for the U.S., Foreign Correspondent William Hillman, who was leaving Italy and bound for New York offers the first uncensored reports...