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Chechnya - December 1994 0

December 18, 1994 – A War In Chechnya – Una-Bomber Strikes Again – Dummy Cops In Florida – Next Time, Take The Train.

Become a Patron! December 18, 1994 – This week Chechnya became a household word through the world as the former Soviet republic was now in open rebellion against the Russian Federation. On 11 December 1994, Russian forces launched a three-pronged ground attack towards Grozny. The main attack was temporarily halted...

The Gulf Crisis - The Propaganda wars 0

December 13, 1990 – The Gulf Crisis – Hostage Releases, Terrorist Threats And Wide-Toothy Grins.

Become a Patron! December 13, 1990 – The gulf crisis was continuing on a simmer/slow boil. Word that an Iraqi Airways 707 left Baghdad for Frankfurt, carrying Ambassador Nathaniel Howell and four fellow diplomats and around 25 additional Americans. The last organized American evacuation flight brought out 14 Americans including...

Ike and JFK - December 6, 1960 0

December 6, 1960 – JFK Comes Calling – The President Meets The President-Elect – Denials From The Congo – Jobless Figure Highest In 20 Years.

Become a Patron! December 6, 1960 – Busy day in Washington as President-Elect Kennedy came to the White House for a visit with outgoing President Eisenhower. Cordialities and non-stop photo ops as JFK readied to take the reins of the Presidency. Senator Kennedy had a 9:00 am appointment and was...

Casper Weinberger - Ariel Sharon - December 1981 0

December 5, 1981 – Diplomacy Of The Shuttle Kind – The Syrian Missile Crisis – Tragedy In A Coal Mine.

Become a Patron! December 5, 1981 – A day for Shuttle Diplomacy and a day for putting out fires. Special Envoy Philip Habib was having a less-than-successful time pitching an American plan for a Middle-East Peace initiative to Arab leaders. This day he was heading to Saudi Arabia after spending...

Mikhail Gorbachev - 1988 0

December 4, 1988 – Gorbachev: “A Christmas Gift To The American People” – Elizabeth Dole To The UN – Argentine Troops March Towards Confrontation.

Become a Patron! December 4, 1988 – Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, promising surprises and a “gift to the American People” was preparing to leave Moscow for a visit to Washington and upcoming talks with President Reagan and President-Elect Bush at what was being billed as a “SuperPower Lunch”. The Soviet...