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Allied Troops in Germany - December 1944 0

December 3, 1944 – B-29’s Over Tokyo – Allies Cross The Saar – German V-3’s Capable Of Hitting New York.

December 3, 1944 – Even for a Sunday in 1944, this was a busy day on all war fronts. American B-29’s staged raids over Tokyo, targeting the Nakajima Aircraft factory, and by all accounts the raid was successful. Japanese radio reported damage was “light”, but reports from military reconnaissance said...

Los Angeles - Wilshire and LaBrea - 1957 1

It’s 1957 – You Live In L.A. – This Is A Two Hour Slice Of Your Town – The Life Of A City. Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Become a Patron! September 14, 1957. This is L.A. This is your town. This is your town in 1957. This is what your town sounded like. A sweep of the radio dial and an aural snapshot of a town on an average Saturday in an average year. No earth-shattering events,...

China Reforms - 1978 0

November 29, 1978 – China Gets Giddy – Russia Reshuffles – Boris And Natalia Katz Head West.

Become a Patron! November 29, 1978 – News was about China on this day. Veteran observers were calling it “the new age of China”, Chinese youth were demonstrating support in droves for party chairman Deng-Xao Ping and premier Hua-guo Feng in Tiananmen Square, chanting Democratic slogans throughout the streets of...


November 27, 1938 – “With All This Peace, Let’s Gear Up For War” – France And Striking Unions

‘Tis the season for subscribing . . .Become a Patron! With the world breathing a cautious, albeit temporary sigh of relief, now that the Munich Crisis was over, news for this November 27th in 1938 had much to do with the goings on in Europe, post-Treaty. In France the big...

Cab Calloway - 0

November 19, 1994 – Cab Calloway: The Hi-De-Ho Man Has Left The Building – Jesse Helms Slams Bill Clinton – Dianne Feinstein Declares Victory.

Become a Patron! November 19, 1994 – Sad news for the Entertainment world, this day. Bandleader and Singer synonymous with The Jazz Age of the 1920s, Cab Calloway passed away on the evening of the 18th, of complications from a stroke he suffered some months earlier. Calloway was a master...

India at war with China and Pakistan - 1962 0

November 18, 1962 – B.K. Nehru – India And China At War – India And Pakistan On The Brink Of War – Full Plates Of Conflict

Become a Patron! In this panel interview for the Meet The Press program from November 18, 1962, Indian Ambassador to the U.S. B.K. Nehru (cousin of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru) discusses the current series of crises India was facing with wars on potentially two fronts; a war with China over...