Kenneth Lay - Enron scandal

February 12, 2002 – A Heightened State Of Alert – An Enron State Of Mind

February 12, 2002 – NPR News – All Things Considered – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 12, 2002 – A day which would sound all-too familiar for the months and years ahead. A heightened state of alert, based on information received from inmates at Guantanamo of a pending Terrorist...

The issue - the dilemma

Arnold Toynbee And Reinhold Niebuhr: “What Beliefs Sustain The Free World?”

CBS Radio – The Great Challenge – What Beliefs Sustain the Free World? – May 28, 1958 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – As the 1950s were drawing to a close, issues of who we were as people were starting to surface. We were, in America, financially well-off, we were...