East Berlin - attempted defection - 0

March 13, 1961 – East Berlin, OPEC, Cuba And Other Frying Pans.

If we’re helping relieve the boredom, chip in: Become a Patron! The Cold War climate was getting stirred up, this March 13th in 1961. News that West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt left a meeting with President Kennedy saying there would be no trouble coming from the Soviets in the immediate...

Tube Station Shelter - 1941 0

March 12, 1941 – Wide-Spread Night Raids Over England – Berlin Blasts Washington Over Lend-Lease – Here Comes Matsuoka.

Become a Patron! March 12, 1941 – As the war went into its 560th day, the night raids by German bombers over England stepped up. The night before delivering a shower of destruction through a wide area of England. Thirty-four separate districts were bombed during the night raids. All attacks...

Kippington Lodge - Top of The Pops - 1967 0

Long John Baldry – Kippington Lodge – The Moody Blues – Brenda Lee – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. Top Of The Pops – 1967 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Long John Baldry – Kippington Lodge – The Moody Blues -Brenda Lee -Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – Top Of The Pops – December 15, 1967 – BBC Radio 1 – A buck here – a buck there – it adds up and you can help: Become a...