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Young Offenders and the Juvenile Court System 0

Teenage Crime – Overflowing Jails – Broken Justice System – 1952 – Past Daily Reference Room

Subscribers get perks: Become a Patron! From the sounds of this radio documentary (and the articles about it written around that time), the juvenile justice system was historically broken, in need of overhaul and deadly. As is evidenced by this 1952 episode of the CBS Radio series The People Act,...

1918 Influenza Pandemic 0

September 19, 1957 – The Asian Flu Comes To America

Subscribers can download for free:Become a Patron! The world on this September 19th in 1957 was awash with 104 degree fevers, paralyzed with aching muscles and joints, throwing up just about everything everyone ate the past year and it was only getting worse. 1957 was The Year Of The Asian...

Guilllermo Garcia-Calvo 0

Guillermo Garcia-Calvo And Orquesta Sinfonica de Barcelona y Nacional de Cataluña In Music Of Schubert, Baguer And Weber – 2012 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Guillermo Garcia-Calvo and Orquesta Sinfonica de Barcelona Y Nacional de Cataluña – May 6, 2012 – RNE-Radio Clasica – Subscribers get access: Become a Patron! Over to Spain this week for a concert by Orquesta Sinfonica de Barcelona Y Nacional de Cataluña, conducted by the extremely popular star-on-the-rise Guillermo Garcia-Calvo...