The regime in Haiti had everyone a little nervous.

The regime in Haiti had everyone a little nervous.
The regime in Haiti had everyone a little nervous.

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On this particular June 13th, twenty years ago, there was talk of yet another intervention in another country’s political turmoil. In 1994 the subject was Haiti and the Military regime which overthrew the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991. Seems things were getting a little out of hand and discussions were being held by, not only the U.S., but several other Western Hemisphere nations who were willing to participate in an intervention to reinstate the now-exiled Aristide government, if sanctions didn’t do the trick. Time would tell.

In other news; North Korea was back on the radar, with tensions ramping up over UN nuclear inspection requirements of North Korea. Former President Jimmy Carter was heading to Seoul, and later to Pyongyang to help diffuse the threatened fracas. South Korea called for expansion of its monthly Civil Defense exercise to include the entire country and called up some 6 1/2 million reservists to take part.

The EU elections were a surprise to many, with shakeups in the various Parliaments getting wake-up calls. Austria voted 2-1 to join the EU.

In Mexico, Chiapas rebels rejected a Mexican government peace offer. The Zapatistas claimed the government was blind to the situation in the region and had a deep distrust of what the government’s intentions were.

And 29 year-old Palestinian Youssef Shaban told an Israeli court he was responsible for the PanAm 103 bombing. The court was skeptical, but the follower of terrorist leader Abu Nidal was adamant. Shaban was on trial for assassinating a Jordanian diplomat in Beirut.

Mayors of America‘s largest cities were getting briefed on domestic proposals from the Clinton administration over welfare reform. Some Mayors expressed fear the proposals would cost too much and drain funds from other urban programs, but Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shelala sought to allay those fears by saying it was designed to get Welfare recipients working, not added to the Welfare rolls.

And that’s what went on this June 13th twenty years ago, as presented by Mitchell Krauss and The CBS World News Roundup.

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